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EastHub® Miami

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North Miami, FL 33161

Selected companies will be contacted to pitch in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the 14.01.2019.

Company & Vision

Tell us more about your company, include: What exactly you do? Why you started the company, the problem you are solving, key KPIs at your current stage, your solution, and what is unique about your approach to the problem. *

Tell ous more about your current status: do you have a working prototype? Give us some numbers, what did you achieve so far, how much money are you looking for, how would you spend that
money? *

Team & Commitment

Give us a short intro of your team. Explain why your team is uniquely qualified to solve this problem? How long have you been working together? How many engineers are on your team? *

Are you working on this full-time with no other work/freelance obligations? If accepted into the program, can all founders participate in the program? (Please provide us information about contact person and contact e-mail)*

How did you hear about this program?

By submitting my application text, I understand and agree that: EastHub won't be sharing any of the information to third parties. If accepted to the program, the selected company will receive the EastHub® program which should stay confidential and only available to selected companies. If selected to the program, EastHub LLC will request 5% equity ownership of the selected company. All selected companies will be able to use our co-working spaces in the USA on demand. All selected companies will participate to all of the pitching events EastHub® will be organizing. All selected companies will be introduced to accredited Angel investors and Venture Capital firms with billions USD under management. If you have any questions please reach out to office@easthub.co